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Foam Case Inserts & Premium Packaging

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Foam Case Inserts and Premium Packaging

We specialise in custom foam inserts, we originally started producing  them for portable tool kits, but over the years the rage has grown significantly. When presentation is important for your packing or transportation, then our Shadow Foaming ® is exactly what you are looking for.

We have a wide selection of different foams, varying in price, presentation, density and durability. Our deign and sales team will help you select the right foam for you application. There is also an extensive selection of colours.

You don’t do any of the work, that is all down to us. We will come to you and scan the tools or equipment, we will calculate what case size you need, we will send you the design, and we will not run the foam until you are completely happy with the design.

You don’t do any of the work

We scan the tools or equipment

We will calculate what case size you need

We will send you the design

We will wait until you are completely happy with the design

You can add additional finishing touches like etching the product code into the foam, or adding instructions permanently etched into the foam. We can also add your logo and company branding in the foam.

If you are looking for just one case insert or large quantities, we can facilitate any size project.

Etch the product code into the foam​

Add your logo & branding in the foam

Etch instructions into the foam​​

We can facilitate any size project​

Premium packing foam is the epitome of protection and presentation, offering a sophisticated solution for safeguarding delicate items while enhancing their visual appeal. Engineered with advanced materials and precision craftsmanship, it cocoons valuable goods during transit, minimizing the risk of damage from bumps or jostles. Its resilient yet gentle composition provides a secure environment for fragile objects, ensuring both senders and recipients peace of mind.

In industries where the unboxing experience is crucial, premium packing foam stands out as a symbol of quality and care. Its high quality look and tailored fit complement the elegance of high-end products, creating a cohesive and memorable presentation from the moment the package is opened. Whether it’s delicate glassware, intricate electronics, or bespoke gifts, premium packing foam adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall perceived value and leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

We also provide Anti-static foam which serves as an indispensable safeguard for the transportation of sensitive electronic devices, offering protection against static electricity that could potentially damage delicate components. Engineered with specialized materials and innovative design, anti-static foam creates a controlled environment that dissipates electrostatic charges, preventing harmful static discharge during handling and transit. This unique property makes it an essential choice for packaging solutions in industries such as electronics manufacturing, computer hardware, and telecommunications, where the integrity of components is paramount.

With its tailored design and superior protective capabilities, anti-static foam provides peace of mind to both manufacturers and consumers alike. By minimising the risk of static-related damage, it ensures that electronic devices arrive at their destination in optimal condition, ready for immediate use without any compromise in performance. From intricate circuit boards to delicate semiconductor chips, anti-static foam offers a reliable solution for preserving the functionality and longevity of electronic products, reinforcing the commitment to quality and reliability that customers expect in today’s technologically advanced world.

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